New at Flatirons Soap Works – Gothic Collection Bath Bombs!

Flatirons Soap Work Gothic Collection Bath Bombs!  The red skulls and hearts are called “Blood Rose” and scented with a romantic blend of lavender and lilac lifted with beautiful notes of eucalyptus. The bouquet is softened by warm woods, white musk and a background of warm sugared vanilla. The dark skulls and hearts are called “Purple Haze” and scented with a damask rose fragrance, along with bergamot, vetiver, ambrette seed, tonka bean and iris root. Not your typical rose fragrance. Underlying the rose is a sweet spicy scent that makes this a less typical smelling rose fragrance.

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Au Naturel Bath Bombs!

Bath Bombs to go with your Au Naturel Soap!  These Bath Bombs have natural color and essential oil for scent.  Rosemary Mint is colored with Australian Pale Pink Clay, scented with rosemary and mint essential oils and topped with Hawaiian Black Lava Salt.  Lavender Lemon is colored with Hibiscus flower powder, scented lavender and lemon essential oils and topped with Himalayan Pink salt.  Silk Road Bath Bomb is colored with Moroccan Red Clay, scented with Ylang Ylang essential oil and topped with Tuscan Salt.

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Are you a Mermaid?


Run a warm bath, drop your mermaid bath bomb in the water, and slip into the tub- lather your skin with this ocean hued soap and breathe in its relaxing fragrance — remember when you lived in the ocean and swam with the fish?? Was it a memory or a dream?? Were you a girl or a mermaid?? I think I was a mermaid!

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Belle’s Fizzy Bath Magic

Belle Fizzy

A tiny bag of bath time delight!  Bath fizzy powder the color of Belle’s gown and the clean fresh  scent pf afternoon tea from Mrs. Potts, a melange of citrus notes, exotic spice and beautiful jasmine.  Inside the bag are surprising colors, a beautiful dried rose bud and a Princess gift.

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