What is Bubble Frosting?

Flatirons Soap Works makes bath bomb cupcakes because they are so easy to customize and to personalize.  Previously, we frosted our cupcake with whipped soap.  This past fall we found bubble frosting.  “What is bubble frosting?” you ask.  It is solid bubble bath.  When using your new FSW cupcake, remove decorations, lift bubble frosting from the cupcake and break frosting into a few pieces.  Hold these pieces under the faucet while filling the tub.  When the tub is full, drop in your cupcake bath bomb.  You will have bubbles AND a great smelling bath bomb and beautifully hued water.  We at FSW hope you enjoy your new and improved bath bomb cupcakes!

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Bubble Bath Scoops!

New Product at Flatirons Soap Works.  Solid Bubble Bath that look like scoops of ice cream!  Get as many bubbles as you like.  Break Scoop(s) in pieces and hold under running water while filling the tub.  One scoop – nice bubbles, Two scoops – fabulous bubbles, Three scoops – OMG Bubbles bubbles and more bubbles.

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Belle’s Fizzy Bath Magic

Belle Fizzy

A tiny bag of bath time delight!  Bath fizzy powder the color of Belle’s gown and the clean fresh  scent pf afternoon tea from Mrs. Potts, a melange of citrus notes, exotic spice and beautiful jasmine.  Inside the bag are surprising colors, a beautiful dried rose bud and a Princess gift.

To Order:  https://flatirons-soap-works.myshopify.com/collections/bath-bombs/products/belles-fizzy-bath-magic